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Both the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme and AquaNet Sydney Pty Ltd are subject to water industry regulations and they both are well qualified and hold the necessary licenses to conduct their businesses.


Retail Supply Management Plan

AquaNet Sydney Pty Ltd has been granted Retail Supplier’s Licence No. 10_01R under section 10 of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW). This licence allows AquaNet to sell recycled water to owners and occupiers of sites within the area of operations of the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme.

AquaNet retails recycled water in accordance with its Retail Supply Management Plan.

Infrastructure Operating Plan & Water Quality Management Plan

Rosehill Network Pty Ltd has been granted Network Operator’s Licence No. 09_002 under section 10 of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW). This licence covers the infrastructure used for the treatment, storage, conveyance and reticulation on non-potable water in the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme.

Rosehill Network maintains its infrastructure in accordance with its Infrastructure Operating Plan and Water Quality Management Plan.

Operational Audits

AquaNet Sydney Pty Ltd Retail Supplier’s & Rosehill Network Pty Ltd Network Operator’s Licence Operation Audit Report

Occasionally, AquaNet Sydney and Rosehill Network are subject to operational audits of their respective licences. These audits are undertaken by independent auditors appointed under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW). The most recent audit report for each licence is available below.

Annual Environment Management Report

AquaNet Sydney Pty Ltd Environmental Planning and Assessment Act Project Approval - Annual Environment Management Report

As a condition of the Minister for Planning’s Project Approval, AquaNet Sydney is required to prepare and submit for the approval of the Director-General, an Annual Environmental Management Report (AEMR). The AEMR reviews the performance of the project against the Operation Environmental Management Plan and the conditions of the approval. The most recent AEMR is available below.